Springer Landscape Website Case Study

05.11 by Cameron Martel

Small Business Website Case Study: Springer Landscape

Over the past four years our team has been involved in the design, build, and launch of more than 200 websites. We’ve had our fair share of experience building lean website solutions to meet strict timelines and budgets.

We connected with Springer Landscape Services Ltd. and discussed Google. Like many businesses, Springer knows that they will benefit from greater exposure on Google and wants to see their website on the front page.

Unfortunately, their old website was a barrier that was preventing them from achieving their goals. While it was powered by WordPress, it ran on a dated theme and was not kept up to date. We decided that before we launched any SEO, we would lock down the website with a solution that focused on three things:

  • Consistency in tone, aesthetics, and style
  • A conversion-focused layout that focused on a positive user experience
  • Excellent SEO built-in

We Know That SEO Benefits From a Strong Website

Our small business SEO services are based on a strong website/content experience and building authority by generating quality links. If we are unable to be able to update and add new content to the website, we don’t take on the SEO project- content is that important.

A strong website isn’t necessarily the prettiest one (though it might be). In order for a website to be “strong”, it must:

  • Be easy to navigate, read, and understand
  • Load quickly on mobile
  • Be navigable and easy to use on mobile
  • Quickly convey value propositions and key messages
  • Always present a clearly defined next step to the user

Our Solution

We built out a simple, easy to navigate website that is responsive, easy to manage, and powered by WordPress. Like many businesses, Springer’s needs didn’t warrant a higher-end custom solution with high-four or a low-five figure price tag.

A lean, good looking, and flexible solution is perfect when you need to be able to make seasonal updates without paying a web developer.

Their new website is an example of what we do best: a simple, effective solution that is sustainable, manageable, and effective long-term.

Visit them: SpringerLandscape.ca

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