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We provide agency-grade SEO services designed for your small business.
Build your brand, grow your audience, and get found in your community.

We will:

  • Rank you prominently on Google
  • Build & promote branded best-in-class content
  • Generate new leads & grow your business
  • Never ask you for a long-term contract

How we do itHire Us

Proven SEO Strategies Since 2008

We have skin in the game & understand the needs of small business owners.

Our team is invested in small business entrepreneurship. As small business owners, we understand the investment and dedication required to succeed because we are living the hustle.

With over a decade of local SEO experience, our approach has evolved and adapted as Google has improved its search experience. We have grown from every animal-themed algorithmic update.

This experience has taught us the processes and actions necessary to deliver consistent results. Our transparency shows you where your marketing investment is being allocated.

We have worked in numerous verticals, including cleaning, construction, cybersecurity, healthcare, home services (HVAC, roofing, etc.), physical therapy, restaurants/hospitality, and SaaS.

On-Site SEO
Best Practices

We work with your web team or take ownership of the on-site SEO execution. Your website will have everything it needs to empower its rankings.

Create Engaging

We create content that upscales your brand and engages your audience. By providing value with a tailored strategy, you’ll earn advocates and organic traffic.

Links &

Optimized Google My Business listings, powerful outreach/promotional strategies, and active reputation development combine to grow your traffic from Google.

Data &

We use industry-leading toolsets and track important metrics using Google Analytics, conversion tracking, behaviour tracking, and more. We make data-driven decisions.

Your Website is the Technical & Content Foundation of Your SEO Strategy

Modern SEO pairs a great website experience with best-in-class content. Success requires investing in the whole picture.

We bridge the gap between SEO & website management

Most small business owners know what it’s like to have a website they can’t control.

We eliminate that frustration by owning the whole package: we manage your website and SEO program together.

We build usable websites that rank and perform well.

Multi-device compatibility, dialed-in optimization, powerful content, an intuitive drag & drop page builder, and integrated functionality (like contact forms, blogs, social media integration, and more).

We also include one year of secure web hosting, including back-ups, and set-up performance analytics through Google.

You’ll finally have a website you can use.


Your website is your most powerful marketing tool. We help you leverage it.

We track key website metrics to learn where we can make improvements. A quartly performance assessment determines if a shift in strategy is needed.

More than just traffic, we look at:

  • How users interact with the page layout and content
  • Website conversion rate
  • Rankings and organic traffic
  • Outreach campaign results & referral traffic
  • Social media audience & engagement

Improve Website Performance Over Time

The more we learn, the better informed we are to make improvements to the website that boost the user experience.

This process helps your website rank higher while increasing your conversion rate over time.

Lower Your Cost Per Lead

An improved conversion rate lowers your cost per lead. Investing in website performance improves the performance of all your advertising efforts.

From direct-mail to Facebook PPC, leads cost less when the website does its job.


We Don’t Want to be
The Biggest SEO Company
Out There

We are looking for the right kind of client.

We only take on 12 clients at a time to ensure we are able to deliver consistently excellent service and results.

Are we a good fit?

  • You are a leader in your industry
  • You are ready to make smart investments into your website, SEO, and marketing
  • You have budget available
  • You are looking for a long-term partnership

Does that sound like you?

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