Content Contributor Wanted

06.08 by Cameron Martel

Content Contributor Wanted

  • Do you love to write?
  • Are you passionate about wrist watches and timekeeping?
  • Are you stoked about the idea of sharing your content and growing your clout as a writer and influencer?
  • Do you love creating and sharing stories?
  • Do you want to get paid for doing the above?

This is a great opportunity for a writer, blogger, or horological hooligan to work part-time from home and make some extra spending money.

The Opportunity

We are seeking a skilled storyteller to provide product insight, reviews, and commentary for two large and growing watch websites.

The ideal contributor has a good understanding of the wristwatch in all its forms, and understands what aficionados value in their timepieces. They talk the talk, walk the walk, and have an eye for both style and value.

Every month, you’ll be responsible for 6 – 10 pieces of content, broadcast to an audience of 200,000+ pageviews per month. Your content must be real, authentic, and honest- it’s what our readers expect!

What to Expect

  • Pay per article – get paid fairly for your work!
  • 2-3 week deadlines
  • You may receive watches for the purposes of reviewing
  • You may sometimes get to keep those watches

Work With a Great Team

Our team consists of a group of talented copywriters, graphics designers, and SEO professionals that will work with you to help supercharge your content creation efforts.

There are a lot of perks to working with us:

  • Fair pay
  • Clear direction
  • Honest feedback and coaching
  • Established deadlines and plenty of time to hit them
  • We’re watch-geeks too!

Interested? Let’s Connect

E-mail us at and let’s get the conversation started!

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