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05.13 by Cameron Martel

Using SEMRush to Evaluate the Value of an Inbound Link

Links have been a big part of the SEO conversation since around 2007/2008. Today, links are still a large part of SEO and having a healthy backlink portfolio is key in growing organic traffic and avoiding algorithmic penalties. Like all things SEO, once people figured out how to game the system and build out large backlink portfolios, the usefulness of the …

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Springer Landscape Website Case Study

05.11 by Cameron Martel

Small Business Website Case Study: Springer Landscape

Over the past four years our team has been involved in the design, build, and launch of more than 200 websites. We’ve had our fair share of experience building lean website solutions to meet strict timelines and budgets. We connected with Springer Landscape Services Ltd. and discussed Google. Like many businesses, Springer knows that they will benefit from greater exposure on …

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